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What Makes Us Different?

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You have the right to live pain-free

We don’t like it when we hear from our patients that “pain has become their new normal.” At Compass Health Clinic we believe that everyone has the right to live their life so it isn’t dictated by pain. 

Compass Health Clinic was founded with the belief that current practice relating to pain care is insufficient, and we are in need of a paradigm shift in how we approach pain treatment and management. It seems incomprehensible that chronic pain now affects over a quarter of the population in the UK. Our aim at Compass Health Clinic is to ensure that you have access to evidence informed practice and are at the centre of your treatment.

It’s this belief that made us choose the compass as our clinic logo. Many patients believe that we do the fixing. We actually don’t. In fact no practitioner at any clinic fixes you. We just provide a support for your body whilst it starts the journey of healing itself, hence the compass. It’s your support through your journey. 

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How we started

Andrew Terry M.Ost

Andrew Terry is the principal osteopath at Compass Health Clinic and has been involved in healthcare for over a decade. Graduating from the British School of Osteopathy in 2016, and went on to establish two of his own clinics under the name At Health. Andrew moved to New Zealand at the start of the pandemic, but came back to be closer to home. 

Since his return to the UK, Andrew divides his time between clinical work, and teaching and examining at the London School of Osteopathy. Along with supporting his patients, his passion is to help nurture the next generation of osteopaths in the UK.

Andrew’s main area of interest is pain science and the treatment of persistent pain, where he has spent the last 5 years studying various areas of pain science with the intent of helping those who are in long-term pain. He also enjoys using his experience as a personal trainer to help those who want to develop personalised training programmes once they’re out of pain.

He also has a keen interest in sports and acute injuries due to his love for martial arts and sports, where he trialed for the GB swim team and obtained a black belt in Karate. 

Last updated: 04/10/2023

Osteopath since 2016
Graduated from the British School of Osteopathy
Lecturer at the London School of Osteopathy since 2021
Special interest in supporting those who experience chronic and persistent pain.
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