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Disc Herniation Treatment in Finchley

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How we help those with disc herniations in Finchley

Disc herniations, often referred to as a “slipped disc,” is a type of injury that is actually far more frequent than you probably think. In fact they occur so frequently, that a lot of people have a disc herniation and have no symptoms at all. In fact, in one literature review it found that 30% of 20 year olds had some form of disc herniation, but were asymptomatic. 

Therefore it’s important to first find out exactly what the cause of your pain might be, so that we can give you the most effective treatment possible. 

For those that are keen to understand what a disc herniation is, if you look at the following birds eye picture of a vertebra, you can see that the blue section has two parts.

A darker blue outer layer, and a lighter blue inside. This inside layer can sometimes protrude and begin to irritate nerves that exit the spine. We call this a disc herniation.

Notice how the disc doesn’t actually “slip” anywhere, and so you can be sure that even with a disc protrusion your back is still very strong and stable.  

Common causes of disc herniations

How do we treat disc herniations?

It may seem obvious, but the first step in helping you in your recovery from a disc herniation is reducing your pain so you can sleep easily and move more freely.

We do this using a variety of manual therapy techniques such as a massage and gentle movement of your joints, and couple this advice and exercises so that you can continue to improve whilst away from the treatment room. 

Work with an osteopath

We treat disc herniations in Finchley using osteopathy & dry needling

We help those with disc herniations in Finchley inside the Yoga Hook yoga studio near Tally Ho Corner.