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This is where you’ll find some of our favourite podcasts, covering a wide variety of topics, from podcasts on pain, to information on different conditions, to general wellbeing resources. 

We really hope you find them useful, and dare I say it, enjoyable?


Here are some of our favourite podcasts on pain, that hopefully you’ll find informative and 

This is a really wonderful with the incredible Rachel Zoffness. It’s great because it’s easily digestible, and explores the sort of factors that contribute towards our pain experience.  

Podcasts on movement and posture

The podcasts in this section are all about how to explore movement. 

This podcast Todd Hargrove explores on how to sit comfortably, and how we can use movement even whilst sat in a chair to help ease various aches and pains. 

In this podcast Todd further explores the various sitting postures you can take up that for help many who experience discomfort during sitting. 

Predictive Processing

Predictive processing is a new model on how they believe the brain works. It’s believed this can have wide ranging implications, from how we perceive the world, to treating persistent pain. 

A really interesting podcast with the great Mark Miller on predictive processing. In this podcast he discusses the predictive processing framework, and the implications it can have on various aspects of our life. 

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We help those with Ankylosing Spondylitis in Finchley inside the Yoga Hook yoga studio near Tally Ho Corner.