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How we help those with low back pain in Finchley

At Compass Health Clinic in Finchley, low back pain is one of the most common issues that we come across. The causes can vary significantly. Most issues, despite being debilitating, can be sorted quickly with effective diagnosis, treatment and exercise advice. 

The issues vary from irritation of joints and muscle spasms, to sensitive discs and nerves. At Compass Health Clinic, we aim to calm down the sensitive structures, and then show you how to gradually increase movement and exercise so that you feel confident getting back to doing the things you’ve been missing out on. 

low back pain treatment

Our 3 simples steps to eliminating your low back pain.

Step 1: Diagnosis

Diagnosis is an essential part of recovery from any injury. By knowing what is happening, we not only know what steps to take, but it can also bring relief once we know it is something that will go away and that moving around will not cause any further damage. 

Step 2: Treatment

Our treatments are completely tailored to the patient in the room. We know that everyone has their own preferences, and therefore we put the patient at the centre of the treatment approach, and check in to make sure you feel comfortable every step of the way. 

Step 3: Education, rehab and advice

Education, rehab and advice is one of our favourite steps, because these are the steps that help ensure that the pain you’re suffering from is unlikely to come back in the future. 

By understanding your story and your day-to-day habits, we are able to create a programme that not only will you keep to, but hopefully enjoy enough that you will take it with your going forward, helping reduce the chances of re-injury in the future. 

Work with an osteopath

We treat low back pain in Finchley using osteopathy & dry needling

We help those with low back pain in Finchley inside the Yoga Hook yoga studio near Tally Ho Corner.