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Orthotics in Finchley

orthotics Finchley

Why get moulded orthotics?

Foot pain can be really debilitating, particularly as in order to get to where we need to go, we need to walk.  Whether it’s stubborn plantar fasciits or an achilles tendinopathy, it can really life changing, preventing us from doing any of the things we want to do.

Conditions orthortics can be good for:



Orthotics in Finchley

Orthotics tailored for you

Patient centred care is at the heart of how we practice, therefore you can be assured that you will get a treatment that is tailored to you.

After we have taken a case history and performed an examination, we will then discuss with you our findings and then explain whether or not we feel orthotics are the right approach for you. 

If it is, then we will provide you with moulded orthotics to take away with you, ensuring that they’re shaped precisely for your feet. 

Shockwave with Orthotics

For the vast majority of patients who need orthotics, shockwave is a part of the treatment programme. This is because it’s important to address the underlying condition, which for a lot of patients involves the various tendons of the foot and ankle. 

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