Shockwave therapy at The compass health clinic

shockwave Therapy in Finchley

Shockwave therapy Finchley

Why choose Shockwave Therapy?

Our Shockwave Therapy sessions in Finchley are for those who are suffering from stubborn, persistent muscle and tendon issues, such as plantar fasciitis, golfers/tennis elbow and general tendinopathies. 

Where as other forms of treatment can often take years, shockwave therapy has been known to get results in as little as 3-6 treatments. 

Just some of the reasons to choose Shockwave Therapy are:

Shockwave therapy in Finchley

Treatment tailored to you

Patient centred care is at the heart of how we practice, therefore you can be assured that you will get a treatment that is tailored to you.

After we have taken a case history and performed an examination, we will then discuss with you our findings and give you a variety of different treatment options so that you can pick the one that feels right for you.

Whilst it will be guided by us, you will always have the final say. 

Shockwave with osteopathy

Whilst no one session is the same, some of the techniques that you come across will be familiar if you’ve seen an osteopath before.

We use techniques such as soft tissue (massage), articulation (gentle movement of joints and in some cases may use manipulations (high velocity thrusts) so help to desensitise tissues and help you get back to moving more freely. 

Work with an osteopath

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